About Us...

Truckadda.com is an integrated solution to help customers and transporters. We provide seamless information sharing to the transportation and brokers or customers in industry. By this service our aim is to enhance capacity usage to the fullest and enhance profitability.

We form a vital link between transporter, brokers and customer. Our mission is to be part of the daily life of the transporter, brokers and customer to easy out the points of tension. Our service will help to make movement of the material and transport vehicles smoothly. We make our best efforts to improve Team Performance to help the customer for on time delivery of goods, to reduce customer complaints, with a mission to make continual improvement in our services.

We have policy to retain all our customers and transporters with our excellence of service. We help all people associated with the community to head for better profitability in their own business. We do right things with all best ethical practices for the benefit of transporter and customer community.

Our main aim is to the help the full truck load companies, flat trailers, specialty chemical tankers, container movement companies to get their best utilization of the resources. We provide best customers for long haul trucks, trailers and best rates for their services.

Our aim is to enhance our services which will cover end to end solution including the payment settlement. This will enhance the better utilization of the resources.


Our aim is to offer transparent service to the transporters and customers in all sectors of business as odd size material movement, agricultural, food, raw materials, machinery, pharmaceuticals, full truck load companies, flat trailers, specialty chemical tankers, container movement companies etc.

Our Mission

At truckadda.com We serve the transportation industry to best of our abilities to foster the profitable, safe, secure transportation of goods and services for the customers.

Team Purpose

We at truckadda.com are committed to our self, our customers and employees by providing Best in Class transportation solutions so the transportation need of the transporter and customer can meet their business objectives. We wish to help our organization achieve the high standards of our transporters and customers. Our commitment to excellence will help the transportation industry and industries and customers to achieve financial growth and prosperity.

Our Vision

To help all players in transportation related industry manufacturers, transporters, customers, Importers, support industry to come under one organization helping to get better service to their own customers.