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MINDS: Manas INtegrated Development Sanstha, an NGO working for

1. Truck drivers for providing then BEST facilities ( Bed, Education about the road safety and signage, Shower and Clean Toilet) at selected Dhabas on the highway.

2. Truck driver Families in the village to make the sustainable living in the village with the resources available.

Who are we :

The promoter Mr. Ullhas Ambegaonkar of MINDS is associated with transport and logistics industry for last few years. He is traveling on the highway trips with Mr. Ramesh Kumar of KRK foundation across the country. He enjoys talking to the truck drivers and sharing the ideas of self esteem, stress releasing, clean habits, safe sex. Mr. Ullhas Ambegaonkar has been covered by the trade magazines for the efforts in this area. He is a techno entrepreneur working with the transport segment for last 8-9 years providing the software for business analysis, providing an online platform for the buying and selling of the used commercial assets

What we do :

We are establishing the BEST facilities to provide clean toilet and shower facilities which are self sustainable at the select dhabas where the driver will get good food. There are lots of dhabas which provide the open toilet or shower facilities. This leads for the health issues in the area. Most of the dhabas the toilets are not maintained clean so the drivers tend to use the open littering. We had numerous discussions on our road trips, dhaba meetings on this issue with the dhaba owners and drivers. The main point of considerations is the current situation and maintenance of the toilets. The owner builds the toilet at the time of the start of the dhaba and its always ignored as it's not a source of income for them.

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