Our Team

Mr. Ullhas Ambegaonkar

Mr. Ullhas Ambegaonkar is CEO of www.truckadda.com. He always comes with new innovative ideas to help the customers. He is great motivator and a force behind the team to give the best. He is a serial entrepreneur. He has over 20 years experience in IT marketing and management. He never gives up under critical situation. He is full of life and loves to work 24 hours. His vision is to make this service available worldwide for the transportation industry. He has worked as Chapter President for AFS Intercultural, an NGO working for the Cultural exchange of students worldwide. He is pursuing his doctoral studies in management under guidance of Dr. Indira Parikh, President, FLAME in Pune.

Ms. Yashoda

She is the person who likes to work with the challenges and implement the technology. She had over 15 years experience in IT. She loves to implement the technology for the people who are not techno savvy. She is Post graduate in Management.